Pictured is Königstone’s Rockport

Königstone’s KönigQuartz range consists of easily maintainable and elegant Quartz worktops with 27 colour options to choose from. Their latest colour Rockport, with its high-gloss and luxurious finish, is certainly a continuation of Königstone’s impressive approach to trend and style. This delicately marbled and neutral shade is certain to not just fit in with but complement a broad range of tastes and kitchen styles.

Rockport is the perfect demonstration of how to balance classic appeal with distinction; its bright and light capturing tones have just the right amount of grey rippled through the lighter foundation shade. It’s easy to see how Rockport can be effectively integrated into kitchens with neutral shades or become a bold point of contrast if you favour darker décor.

The glossy finish of a KönigQuartz surface has an instantly opulent effect and creates the illusion of expanded space even if you have a modestly sized kitchen. The benefits aren’t limited to visual appreciation however and Königstone as always can guarantee quality preservation. The surfaces boast high stain, heat and scratch resistance making it a family friendly option and offering protection if you like to get creative in the kitchen.

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