Königstone the high quality, family-run kitchen worktop company continuously proves deserving of its leading positon within the kitchen industry by being fully dedicated to trends and quality. Königstone is continuing to flourish and progress from its foundations and has recently introduced the Königsink. This exciting leap promises to deliver all the benefits of visual appeal and high quality that you can enjoy from the other items in Königstone’s product lines.

The Königsink is a versatile choice as the steel bottomed sink can be seamlessly integretated to complement your existing kitchen colour palette. There has been careful attention paid to design options so that the Königsink will supplement your kitchen scheme and add to its allure. The Königsink can be clad at its sides with any KönigQuartz colour to match to the surrounding worktops so you can leave disjointed and clashing décor in the past, in favour of a flawless transition between surface and appliance.

The same level of consideration has also been given to the practicality of the Königsink and again Königstone has retained its reputation in dependable design. Königstone understands that kitchens aren’t just about style. The Königsink has been manufactured with this in mind so that you can enjoy full use of the Königsink without having to worry about potential effects on its appearance. The Königsink has an appealing and modern stainless-steel base which is compatible with all boiling hot water taps and is available undermounted or fully integrated.

The Königsink, with prices starting from £325, is the first ever kitchen sink manufactured by Königstone and is certainly set to fit in well amongst its impressive range of beautifully designed products.

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