Pictured is Königstone’s Concrete Sand

If you’re looking to add a natural-looking engineered stone, then Königstone’s KönigQuartz worktop is the ideal material; the new neutral colour, Concrete Sand, perfectly complements all schemes. The light tones of the worktop will contrast with dark cabinetry to lighten a kitchen scheme or will blend seamlessly with muted coloured doors and drawers.

The shade takes its name from the light colourings of sand combined with the strength of concrete; mixing natural aesthetics with engineered resilience and durability. The beautiful worktop features subtle lines to give the appearance of a textured material while maintaining a smooth finish.

Like other colours in the KönigQuartz portfolio, Concrete Sand has high scratch-, heat-, and stain- resistance, so it is perfect for all the your needs. Whether you’re baking a crumble or cutting fresh flowers, the surface is incredibly easy to clean so the new worktop will continue to look fresh and sparkling for years to come.

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