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Create a spectacular kitchen with a Semi-Precious surface

By 14 April, 2021 January 27th, 2022 One Comment

We have access to beautiful materials from across the globe including stunning semi-precious materials that create breath-taking surfaces to truly set your kitchen apart from the rest. Whether homeowners opt for a bold splashback, a contrasting feature within a worktop or even a whole worktop or feature wall, the materials available are sure to transform the kitchen.

The intricate patterns and transparency of the materials allows these one-of-a-kind pieces to be backlit. The illumination creates a striking effect by highlighting the captivating natural characteristics of these beautiful features. Three unique and distinctive colours are available – Amethyst, Smoky Light (pictured) and Smoky Dark. Each can be matched to, or contrasted with an existing kitchen colour palette for seamless integration and a flawless finish.

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