Pictured is Königstone’s Dolomite surface

Quartz surfaces from Königstone contain a high percentage of one of the hardest natural substances, meaning it is a durable and dependable choice for worktop surfaces. The Königquartz range from Königstone offers beautiful quartz options with colours to suit every kitchen scheme. An added benefit of the range is that the appealing sheen of this stone stays gleaming without the elbow grease!

Cleaning is easy so long as you know how! Stick with simple and any avoid harsh chemicals or natural stone cleaners. In fact, for day-to-day maintenance, a damp cloth and a natural detergent will be all you need. Of course, the kitchen is no stranger to accidents. In these instances, Königstone recommends you have a cream cleaner to hand. If you’ve made a bit more of a mess, this type of cleaning solution will be your best friend for getting that satisfying shine back; simply rub it into the affected area with a non-abrasive scouring pad.

To take care of your quartz, use chopping boards rather than cutting directly onto the surface. It’s also a good idea invest in some heat pads or stands for your pots and pans.  Whilst Königquartz is heat resistant, this will give you protection from any thermal shock.

Follow the above tips and the appealing gleam of your Königquartz worktop will stay that way for years to come!


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