Quartz is one of the hardest natural substances; its high quality durability makes it the perfect choice for worktop surfaces. The KönigQuartz range from high-grade surface manufacturer, Königstone, has been engineered with this in mind and the allure of its impressive range of colour options is designed to excite all kitchen design schemes.

The newly introduced Saint Moritz shade is reflective of the rest of the 27 colour-option range with its charming appeal. This is a delicately neutral shade with foundations of greys and whites. The multi-tonal base is reminiscent of marble but with its own individual twist. This versatile colour promises to brighten up the darker features of the kitchen or fit in seamlessly with lighter interiors. Grey is set to continue to be a staple colour for injecting style into the kitchen. Homeowners will be able to showcase the beauty of Saint Moritz by pairing it with monochrome appliances and industrial features.

The flecked surface of Saint Moritz is complemented by the high-gloss finish of KönigQuartz and the shine is easily maintained by very simple cleaning and care methods. The high scratch, stain and heat-resistance of Quartz is even more reason for it to be implemented into the kitchen.

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