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Icarus ~ The Athena Collection

By 26 October, 2023 November 20th, 2023 4 Comments

If you are looking for a dramatic feature worktop, look no further than Icarus from the Athena Collection.

Icarus has a Quartzite-inspired design with striking veining and dramatic movement across the slab. This stunning kitchen, designed by Sherwin Hall, features Icarus splashback and worktops with 60mm build up edges, side panels and mitred legs.

The Athena Collection contains 5 Quartz surfaces that feature printed designs and are the most realistic replicas of natural stone that we have ever come across.

All of the surfaces in the Athena Collection have a classical soft leather finish to replicate the look and feel of unpolished natural stone. Slab sizes are 3200 x 1600mm with 20mm thickness and as the slab is not full bodied, Icarus is best suited to a double bevel, sharks nose or mitred edge profile.

The properties of a Quartz worktop allow long runs with large cut outs to be achieved that would often require extra joints if made in natural stone.

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