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Introducing KönigCeramic

By 20 November, 2023 May 14th, 2024 14 Comments

Let us introduce you to our new range KönigCeramic; a collection of 8 high-quality sintered surfaces, realistically replicating the look of natural stone with the durable qualities of ceramic surface.



The eight beautiful and striking surfaces are Montpellier, Magma Gold, Calacatta Classico, Blanco Luna, Calacatta Antico, Pietra Grey, Calacatta Colorado and Blanco Eclipsia. They all boast a soft leather finish and are available in 12 and 20mm thickness, except for Magma Gold which has a polished finish and is only available in a 12mm thickness.

The benefits of a ceramic surface are;

Easy to clean

  • Daily maintenance simply involves wiping over the surface with soapy water. Its high chemical resistance means that many popular household disinfectants can be used without damaging the surface.

Heat resistant

  • Being fired to such a high temperature gives KönigCeramic very high heat resistance, making it an excellent choice for busy kitchens where users don’t need to be reaching for heat trivets. KönigCeramic can be utilised in order to integrate specialist induction hob systems creating hidden cooking areas directly onto the surface

Scratch resistant

  • The surface is very durable so there is no danger of scratches from the slip of a knife while chopping or heavy headedly throwing car keys on your worktop.
  • The compact structure makes the surface extremely hard and almost impossible to scratch so KönigCeramic can easily withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy household or high traffic commercial areas./and allows you to cut directly on the surface so there is no need for chopping boards.

High stain resistance

  • The extremely low porosity means that stains cannot penetrate the surface so unlike natural stone, it does not require the application of a stain inhibitor. This characteristic is not only useful for kitchen worksurfaces but also for external coverings.


  • The impermeable surface means that mould or bacteria have nowhere to hide, allowing you to easily create a hygienic usable work surface for food preparation and service.It is also an inert material which does not release substances that can come into contact with food.

UV resistant

  • The raw materials used to make KönigCeramic are 100% natural making it highly resistant to ultra violet light. The colours will not fade or degrade over time making these surfaces suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Variety of applications

  • The durability and different thickness options available make KönigCeramic slabs suitable for a wide range of applications including kitchen worktops, flooring, bathroom cladding, exterior cladding and outdoor kitchens.

25-year warranty

  • The KönigCeramic warranty guarantees the owner of the installed surface against defects in materials, workmanship or manufacturing for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase.



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