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The Athena Collection

By 28 April, 2023 May 3rd, 2023 No Comments

We are very excited to present The Athena Collection; Five Quartz surfaces featuring distinctive printed designs, bringing the very latest innovation in engineered stone.

The latest techniques in print technology allow for truly unbelievable replicas of some of the most exclusive natural stones but with easy maintenance plus the highly scratch and stain-resistant elements of Quartz.

All materials come with a classical soft leather finish and are available book-matched.


A beautiful limestone inspired surfaces offering the aesthetic beauty of a wonderful natural material with the durability of Quartz.


This dark grey surface features bold white veins along with finer subtle marbling.


This Quartzite inspired design creates a stunning surface with striking veining and movement in an array of colours.


This classical Calacatta design features striking grey veins with beautiful gold accents.


This statement piece features misty grey veins intersected with darker fine veins that move boldly across the surface.

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